Why I Teach & Practice Vinyasa Flow Differently


Why I teach and practice Vinyasa Flow differently.
1. I teach in a temperate room, varying between 68 and 72° to avoid overheating of the body, overstretching the ligaments and creating instability in the joints. I believe it’s best for the body to generate one’s own heat as opposed to superficially heated settings. 
2. Although I love my Vinyasa Flow practice( Ashtanga was my first love when I began my practice 22 years ago), I have learned through my profession in physical therapy, my years treating shoulder injuries and my personal practice, that it is too strenuous on the shoulder to do repetitive upward/downward dogs in a 75 minute class in a heated room. It is one of the reasons I created my PhyToga blended class, because I recognized that too much of a good thing can be dangerous.
The shoulder girdle was built for mobility and is literally only attached to the trunk (axial body) at one joint (sternoclavicular joint) to allow for this wonderful mobility... however that intrinsically puts the shoulder at risk for injury.
This is why it is so critical to avoid overstretching of ligaments that support the shoulder (repetitive use in an overlyheated room) and build stability in the core and muscles that support and surround the shoulder. 
I still love my practice of Vinyasa Flow and have been able to practice it for many years because of the modifications I have made as both a student and teacher.

Christine Sturgis