Simple Human Movement 

Emily Smith - LiquidBody Creator

Emily Smith - LiquidBody Creator


12pm - 1pm

Liquid Body Movement Self Myofascial Release

Unwind your body and mind exploring movement, touch, breath and posture to create the balance of softness and strength. Release fascial restrictions using foam rollers, balls, chairs etc in this movement therapy class based on the principles of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach ™ and original human movement.  Restore energy, mobility and stability. Prevent and treat issues in tissues and chronic pain naturally and autonomously. Feel more relaxed understanding how to listen and care for the whole body system, fascia.

Reconnect with movement, touch, awareness, sound, posture, breath and love as medicines that heal naturally.

Book LiquidBody Lounge Classes Below. Pre-booking is encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome!

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You Will Learn:

  • Daily care for your Fascial System

  • Cultivate energy and mindfulness

  • Core strengthening and diaphragmatic breathing

  • Exercises for balancing, strengthening and relaxing body and mind

  • How to use self myofascial release tools including a foam roller therapeutically to soften and rehydrate tissues and restore sensation

  • Prevent and recover from injuries, enhance athletic performance, release excessive tension, stuck energy and myofascial restrictions

  • Body mechanics for functional movement, alignment and posture

  • How to identify and avoid reinforcing imbalances, self treat muscular pain, move, stretch and strengthen wisely and autonomously

  • Create awareness of and change compensatory movement patterns

  • how to self-treat, alleviate and prevent chronic pain

  • Reclaim posture, mobility/stability, strength and balance

  • Cultivate awareness and mindfulness

  • Create rituals around a self treatment practice

  • Learn ways to make daily movements strengthening exercises