What is PhyToga and how has it evolved over the years? Christine Sturgis, PhyToga creator and owner of MovementRx Studio, explains.

PhyToga Fitness Classes

All PhyToga Fitness classes are taught by Christine Sturgis. Learn more about Christine here.


8:15am - 9:15am

9:30am - 10:30am

8:15am - 9:15am

9:30am - 10:30am


Physical Therapy Inspired Fitness

After working out regularly with Christine; my movement, strength and stability are all much improved. She has a unique perspective as a physical therapist and a trainer. My chronic shoulder pain is gone. Rare find in the world of workout studios/trainers.

Nancy B | Berwyn, PA

PhyToga is a comprehensive exercise program that combines physical therapy principles with the benefits of yoga, Pilates, functional movement (FMS) and other therapeutic movement modalities; creating an exercise experience that improves mobility, stability, strength, flexibility and balance under a skilled, watchful eye.

PhyToga is an All Levels class where you will learn how to identify and break poor movement patterns and re-pattern (neuromuscular reeducation) the brain so that you may tap into the power of your intuitive body and learn to move with ease. This class will teach you how to prevent injury, decrease pain, and build a strong body and mind. It will change the way you move and live your life! PhyToga is a perfect, small group fitness class for seniors, people recovering from surgery, or anyone with limitations that might require personal attention.

All weekday PhyToga classes are capped at 10 students so you can receive the one-on-one, personalized attention that you deserve!


8:15am - 9:15am

8:15am - 9:15am

Physical Therapy Inspired Fitness 

Christine Sturgis - PhyToga Creator & Instructor

Christine Sturgis - PhyToga Creator & Instructor

PhyToga Plus is a group fitness class for those looking for a challenge! Focusing on strength and conditioning, this is more like a personal training class under a skilled, watchful eye. Education on proper technique and form is paramount. We use bands, light weights, blocks, straps, physioballs, and other tools to add resistance, assistance and enhance your workout experience. You will gain the wisdom needed to significantly improve your physical performance in all aspects of life, whether it be sports, hobbies or simply moving with greater intelligence, efficiency and grace. We always change it up, working different patterns and body regions so that you improve holistically, stimulating the brain and body, thus avoiding adaptation of the body and overuse injuries. No progress or growth comes without variety, effort and challenges. This class is challenging, but you will have fun doing it and feel empowered as you grow in body and mind!!

Private PhyToga Sessions w/ Christine Sturgis

PhyToga can help people with:

  • Back, Shoulder, or Neck Pain

  • Hip or Knee Replacements

  • Sciatica

  • Poor Posture

  • Herniated Disc

  • Parkinson’s

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Tight Hips or Shoulders

Private PhyToga sessions are customized specifically for you, the individual. Christine will get a thorough past medical history, assess your needs and attain a full understanding of your goals. She will then combine the appropriate exercise regime to address those goals and use a variety of techniques and movement modalities to get you there: therapeutic exercise, yoga, Pilates, functional movement and manual therapy as needed (myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue massage, etc.). What is the goal?? To be able to move you forward in an exercise regime that empowers you to participate in all forms of movement in life with power, efficiency and pain free.

15-minute assessment — FREE
1-hour Private 1:1 -- $95 per session
1-hour Semi-Private Up to 4:1 -- $125 per session

*Appointments are non-refundable unless cancelled at least 24-hrs before appointment time

Book PhyToga Fitness Classes Below. Pre-booking is encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome!

What people are saying about PhyToga…

“Wonderful program... has helped me with balance,, posture and confidence  in movement!”

- Carole M | Lower Merion, PA

“PhyToga and Christine's class are warm, welcoming to all levels, and provide the perfect balance of challenge and achievement. I was new to yoga and gained strength and balance through the PhyToga practice. All of those small aches and pains evaporated. I found I slept better and the meditative breathing is wonderful. Christine offered options through out class. She has a very special way of incorporating yoga moves with more weight baring exercises.”

- Randy O | Wayne, PA

“I have taken Chrisitne's PhyToga class for over 2 years , my flexibility and strength have improved immensely. Christine's PT background makes her a unique teacher; her classes are challenging but always allow for individual modifications. Yoga moves blended with functional movement is the perfect workout!!! The studio is clean and new, the staff is friendly and helpful.”

- Deb L | West Chester, PA

PhyToga is a way of working out and getting physical therapy at the same time, at a price much cheaper than physical therapy. I remember Christine taught me a series of moves targeted at hip-joints that really helped when I was recovering from an injury. I also visited a physical therapist at that time, and found the PhyToga moves easier to repeat at home and equally effective in bring recovery. In addition to the moves designed for specific areas of the body, PhyToga also provides the benefit of yoga and Pilates, which is a whole body and mind experience to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and mental strength. I highly recommend PhyToga to everyone.

- Lin X | King of Prussia, PA

PhyToga Fitness Classes Conveniently Located on the Main Line near Ardmore, Wynnewood, Narberth, Haverford and Bryn Mawr. Book your class above!

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